Monday, April 8, 2013


Have you ever craved pork with gravy and Yorkshire pudding ? Have you ever wanted to ride in a double decker bus? Well so do we and we're here to tell you some traditional foods and icons that are in England.

Here are some traditional foods: lamb,pork,beef,chicken and fish served with potatoes and other vegetables. Now here's some mouth watering desserts: trifle,apple crumble,jelly and ice cream,biscuits and tea and cakes. Common foods are: pies and bubble and squeak.

And now for icons...

Big Ben: Big Ben is the bell not the clock (mostly people think its the clock) and it is in London. Big Ben looks like a humongous, tall, big,brown building with a clock at the top and a bell behind it. Big Ben is the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament.

Double decker buses: In the olden days double decker buses had poles at the back of them so if you were late you would hop on the pole. Double decker buses look different to other buses as they are red and look like two buses stacked on top of each other.

The London Eye: The London Eye is a ferris wheel and is 135m tall! It is located in London. It's obviously a Ferris wheel but bigger, and in the winter the inside sparks up with a glowing green light. The London Eye was built to mark the millennium and was built in 1998.

The Queen's Guard: The Queen's Guard are responsible for guarding Buckingham Palace and St. James's palace. People say that if you try to make them flinch they will do nothing. The Queen's Guards look like men in red suits with a big bushy afros and a gun their hand. The Queen's Guards are chosen by joining the army. The Queen's Guards change at St James' palace at 11:00am.

Well those are only some foods and and icons but unfortunately we can't tell you them all you'll just have to discover the rest for yourselves.

By James and Tim


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