Thursday, April 4, 2013

Irish culture by Kirsty


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                     Myths                                   Celebrations                                   Interesting facts                  
    -----------         ---------                    --------     --------                 --------               --------
   changlings       bashee                        may day    halloween                 Emerald Island      castles
           -----------                              --------             ------                 
            children of lir                         christmas              funerals              

Changlings are female fairies                 May day is a celebration of          Ireland has a nickname, the
they give birth to problem                   for the workers. They celebrate    nickname is Emerald Island.
children, then they go into the mortal          it on the 1st of may.                     
world and swap their child for a                                                                      Ireland has many castles
normal child.                                    On halloween they serve a dish           like Blarney, Bunratty,and doe
                                                        with a ring, coin, and 2 pins in it.        castle. Blarney castle you have to
Banshee is a old women dressed in    The ring means you have to get married    walk up to the top and
rags, sometimes people see her as       withn a year. The coin smybolizes wealth.   lean over backwards
 a beatuiful young girl and sometimes   The two pins mean you are not aloud to marry.   over a 10 story
 people see her washing clothes that                                                                             drop to kiss the
are covered in blood. Her scream         They celebrate christmas just like us with        stone of Blarney.
 kills anyone who's heard it.                 presents and a christmas tree.:)

The children on lir. Lir was the lord of the        For funerals the whole family
sea, his wife had 4 children. When his wife     comes and dines, they also share
died he married his old wife's sister, Aoife,       funny memories about the person
Aoife was jealous of the children so she took   who'd died.
them swimming in a lake and turned them into
 By Kirsty :)

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