Monday, April 15, 2013

Help save the Kiwis!

 Help save the Kiwis!

In class we had to do an action, but before that we had to do an inquiry on birds. We chose to research about Kiwis. We then developed an interest in Kiwis. So for our action we grouped up together to help save Kiwis.

We had to book an appointment with our principal, Ms Neal. In the appointment we asked if we could fundraise for Kiwis. We told Ms Neal some of our ideas and she said yes about having a Mufti Day, "Yay". 

We booked our Mufti Day on the 17th of April, and our goal is to raise over $250 but on the last Mufti Day our school raised over $500 so we're very excited about it.  Our families are also donating to us, so that means even more money. All the money raised is going to the Department of Conservation.

To tell people in our school that we were having a Mufti Day, we wrote an article to go in the newsletter and we put posters around the school. We also announced it in our school assembly which we have every Friday.     

We hope that we raise as much money as we can to save Kiwis. We know that Kiwis are endangered and we'd hate to see them go.

By Holly,Kirsty and Izzy!


Cyber Kids said...

To:Holly, Izzy and Kirsty
It is good to see that you are helping D.O.C and trying to help save some kiwis!

Holly said...

Thanks Brooke!
We raised just over $300 so we think that might help just a little.