Monday, April 15, 2013

Shakespear Regional Park

For my inquiry I have chosen to help volunteer at Shakespear Regional Park in the Whangapaora Peninsula.
This park is no ordinary park it is a wildlife reserve full of native birds and plants! I have done some research and found out that they will release brown kiwi into the tracks!
Shakespear is a great place for camping at the camp site, going for bush walks, and having a swim! It's not just for natives; down by the beach there's lots of peacocks, also in the tracks are hundreds of sheep! There isn't just one track there's around 30 tracks and long ones but you don't have to  do all of them or the whole thing!
The photos below are just a few pictures from what I did volunteering at shakespear regional park!
Here is me volunteering!
By Brooke


The rangers truck I rode in!


Adam Hall said...

Hi Brooke, I remember going to Shakespear park when we lived in NZ, its a lovely place and I am very happy you are enjoying it too! Dad.

Kirstin Anderson-McGhie (Keamac) said...

Wow Brooke!

It looks like you had a fantastic day helping out at Shakespear Regional Park. I'm so impressed that you have given up your holiday time to do this. Well done - I'm very proud of you.

Mrs McGhie

Anonymous said...

Hi Brooke, Great work. It's great to see you taking an interest in the Regional Park. Keep up the good work and hopefully next time you will have some friends along to help. Grandma