Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Scottish culture by Holly M

        Traditions                                                    Beliefs                                                         Foods
     -------------                                               ------------                                                --------------  
Haggis       Piano                                           Spirits      Faries                                         Tablet         Bridie
-------      -------                                          ------      -------                                        -------        ------
Rowan      Accordian                                  Ghosts       Witches                                       Lorn          Gullen
Jelly                                                                                                                               Sausage       Skink

Haggis is a  traditional                                Spirits, Faries, Ghosts                                  Tablet, Bridie, Lorn
meal, so is Rowan                                      and Witches are cretures                              Sausage and Gullen
Jelly.- Piano and the                                    that they believe in.                                       Skink are some
Accordian are two                                                                                                         other meals they
traditional instruments.                                                                                                   have.

By Holly M

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