Tuesday, April 30, 2013

  Shakespear Volunteer the Second Time!

Would you believe it after the first time volunteering I couldn't bare not to go back! It was a tremendous experience and the sad thing was that we (my sister and I) were the only kids there. I personally think that more kids my age should get out there and help! 

This time was a whole different story, we herded and counted sheep, there was 360 ewes and one lamb from last year! We also cut back some flax at the duck pond at Waterfalls Gully!(One of my favourite places in the park). My favourite part of this day was counting and herding the sheep with the Park Ranger Bruce. I will definitely come back again when I have time to spare!

By Brooke

Look at my secetair skills!

Beautiful Waterfalls Gully!

Me with the sheep counter!

 The lamb from last year!

 We counted sheep but didn't fall asleep!

The sheep we herded!


Ms Neal said...

Dear Brooke- I am very impressed with your actions here. You are helping to make a difference and it sounds like you really enjoyed doing it. I hope you keep it up. Well done!

Mrs Prangley said...

Hi Brooke, I was so interested to read about your adventures at the park and to see the photos. We definitely need more children who are interested in conservation and helping the community. Well done! I think what you are doing is amazing.

Sandy Hall said...

Hi Brooke
So pleased to see you care for your environment.x Grandma

Val Mulgrew said...

Brooke, we are so proud to see you doing something so worthwhile with your time during the holidays.
Love Nana & Grandad

Zoe Thompson Bell said...

I liked the photos,
lets help the enviroment nice!
From Zoe Thompson Bell

Anonymous said...

Hi Brooke,
It's cool seeing someone like you help the enviroment.

brooke said...

Hi Ms Neal
Thank you for your comment!
I did really enjoy volunteering I think that the enviroment matters. I'm going back as soon as possible and maybe next time I'll bring friends!

Cyber Kids said...

To Brooke
It's so googd seeing you having fun and helping the enviroment at the same time! Great job

Brooke said...

Hi Mrs.Prangley

Yes I also think that more kids should get involved! My sister didn't want to go at first and in the end she was incredibly sad to leave! That just proves to people you don't always want to do things get out there and have fun you never know you just might enjoy it!

Brooke said...

Thanks Grandma for the comment!

Brooke said...

Thank you nana and grandad for the comment!

Cyber Kids said...

Hi Brooke
Cool adventures in the country side.

From Holly K.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brooke! It sounds like a lot of fun. You wrote your blog post really well it is very desrciptive.