Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dragon Hunters


                                          Dragon Hunters

''Good-night Fireball''said Aotea placing Fireball, the young dragon, in her nest.''Na Night'' said Fireball half asleep.Fireball slowly fell asleep ,as Aotea read a romantic-adventure book. ''Good-night everyone'' said Aotea .Once those words came out she fell asleep in a click of a finger. ''I'm hungry for a dragon'' said a croaky witch voice.This croaky voice belonged to the sour, sneaky witch, Lemon Sneak.''Her's one deliciously, yum dragon right here mmm...'' said Lemon Sneak covering Fireball's mouth. ''Ekk!'' whispered Fire ball. Fire ball tried to escape Lemon Sneak's wrinkly hands ,but in a blink of an eye she and Fireball disappeared into the dark.

''Good-morning Fireball'' said Aotea in the middle of stretching .Aotea looked shocked at the empty nest.''Fireball!'' screeched Aotea .Aotea saw the footprints in the mud and followed them.She followed them through the desert , through the mountains and into the woods until she found a wooden house .She bashed into the house meanwhile ,Lemon had locked up Fireball, but heard Aotea bashing the door open, and hid behind the door.''Oh no Fireball!'' said Aotea in sympathy. Aotea opened the cage and gave freedom to Fireball.

''No!!!!'' sceamed Lemon. Lemon and Aotea fought and fought .''Aotea !''screamed Fireball throwing a diamond sword. Aotea caught it and sadly made Lemon pay .Aotea held Fireball in her hands and ran off. But what she didn't know was that Lemon had sworn for revenge and did come for revenge.

By Holly K.


Anonymous said...

Hi Holly!
That was an amazing blog post, it was such a good idea. What was the colour of fireball?


room11 said...

what an awesome storie.try to extend
it for me would,ya.I'm desperate for the next part.i'm a huge fan of dragons.

sincerely tebijan

Room11 said...

we really liked your story it was really funny i saw a minecraft refernce in it

By Edward and Sean

Holly K. said...

Dear all my commenters ,
The colour of Fireball is orange with
red splotches.Yes I will try to extend my story. Last of all thank you for all these positive, helpful comments.