Friday, June 7, 2013

Diary of Lily-Rose by Grace

                                 ~~ Diary of Lily-Rose ~~

                                                             17 March, 1926
~morning~  Today is my birthday! I wonder what Mama will give me! I'm SOOO excited! :P
~afternoon~ You won't believe what I got! A PUPPY! I named him Oreo (they are so delicious and sweet) and he's a chocolate lab. He is very energetic and fun to play with. It's getting late so I'd better snuggle up with Oreo.
                                                             19 March, 1926
~morning~ I am stranded in a big, confusing forest. It is in the middle of nowhere! Someone came and took Mama!! Tomorrow I will set out to find her, though I am not sure how. Oreo is being very consoling and affectionate to me, so I am very grateful for that. All I managed to pack before escaping to here from the kidnapper was a rucksack with some berries and sandwiches, a sleeping bag, a first aid kit, some things for Oreo and a little tent.
~afternoon~ I have set up the tent and am sitting inside my sleeping bag in it and having a sandwich, Oreo is in his bed and having a little dog snack. I hope it doesn't rain. I just zipped up the tent and I think it would be best if I go to bed now.
                                                            20 March, 1926
~morning~ Luckily it didn't rain lastnight so the tent is nice and dry. Oreo is a little restless, so I intend to walk him and look for mother today. If unsucsessful, I will retire here and think out a new plan.
~afternoon~ My search was unsucsessful, I thought the kidnapper might have hidden her somewhere in this forest. I wonder where she could be? Well, early to bed and early to rise as the saying says. I will pack up the tent tomorrow and try to get out of this forest.
                                                           21 March, 1926
~morning~ I was packing up the tent when I heard a little whimper from behind a bush. I checked it out, and it was a baby fox. It was stuck in a thorn bush! I pulled it out, put bandages on its wounds and called it Zoe. Now there is a new addition to the team!
~afternoon~ I managed to find my way to the edge of the forest, but couldn't get any further as there was a wall of thorns blocking the way out. Near the wall is a little cottage that's empty. I went inside and it is in good condition so I decided we should stay here till we find mother.There was an extra mattress as well as a bed in the cottage so everyone can sleep comfortably with me in the bed and Oreo and Zoe sharing the matress. Luckily they have warmed up to each other.
                                                       22 March, 1926
~morning~ I woke up to the noise of dripping water. There was a leak in the roof. Apparently it rained last night. We are going to try get through the wall of thorns as I found a knife in the cottage.
~afternoon~ I managed to cut a hole in the thorn wall just big enough for us to squeeze through. Once out of the woods I took in my surroundings. I was in a little abandoned, run-down village. I decided to search the ruins. In one of the little houses I saw a figure in a black cloak. They asked who I was and guess what? It was mother!!! We checked a map she had and found our way home. Once safely home I aske her all about what happened. We shared our adventures with each other and were fascinated by what happened.
                                                     23 March, 1926
~morning~ We are going to out to buy some things for Zoe today. Things are back to normal now and this is my last page so , Bye :)

 By Grace :)


room 11 said...

We liked your creatve stories.It looks like you spent a lot of time on your blog.

Why did write did your story diary of lily rose in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Very cool. It reminded me of Snow White. What's with the cloak?

Anonymous said...

To Mad Tea Party Blogger,
Thank you! I don't really know, I just guess it gave the story a hint of mystery and implied the thought she was hiding, or being hidden.

Anonymous said...

To room 11,
Thank you! I have recently been reading diary-type stories and I thought it would be interesting to try write one myself :D