Monday, June 24, 2013

How Slime teleported to Minecraft and was defeated by Steve

                                                                               Part 1

In 3021 my dad made a teleporter to the cyber world. I was in his lab. My sister was showing me how to make slime. We diceded to make it green (as usual). Then, when we finally made it, our bowl with slime in fell off the table and rolled into the portal. "NOOOOOOO" I shouted. It was the first thing I've ever done with my sister. Because from 8am till 4pm she's in the college. And from 4pm till 10pm she learns about rocket science. So i jumped into the portal. When I flied out of the portal I was in Minecraft.I couldn't believe it, I was inside the newest version of Minecraft -10.9.6 . I really liked Minecraft, I always watched my brother play it. I turned around and I couldn't see the portal anymore. I freaked out.

To be continued...

By Illya


room11 said...

OMG!!!tell me the next part! tell me the next part!i always fancied minecraft. include some minecraft animalsin there would ,ya.

sincerely tebijan :)

Cyber Kids said...

from Illya
i'm working on it