Thursday, June 20, 2013

How the world will end.

                          How the world will end



It was a cold, breezy night in Queens town. All the people were starving , their stomachs growling to every thought of food. There was nothing, nothing in the whole wide world. No dogs, no cats, and no food or water. You might be wondering , how did all this happen?

93years ago...

It was 2020, everyone was happy but deep down they all knew something was wrong and that horrible feeling wasn't just a feeling, it was what lies ahead in the future.

13years later...
The temperature was more hot than ever, there was no room for everyone, the population just kept on growing and the human race was getting closer and closer to its end, but one man tried to keep it going just for another 100 years or so. That man appeared on national T.V and he pointed out that there was too much people and the only way to fix it was a war. The bad part, every man and his dog were listening.

2years later...

Every country was at war, New Zealand vs Australia, England vs France and all the other countries were in training soon ready for battle. All the woman and children stayed home knowing that their loved ones would probably not return.


So we return to where there is nothing except the loud noise of the bombs crashing on the hard, dry cracked ground.

There are wives with children, grandparents with grandchildren, friends with family and there is me who caused this problem.

By Kirsty


Holly K said...

Dear Kirsty
It was so depressing in a good way

From Holly K

Holly M said...

Dear Kirsty
I love all the great and exciting vocabulary your story contains! Good Work!

Anonymous said...

To Kirsty
What an awesome story!
I loved how told the future!
Just wondering but did you really cause those problems it sounds like a lot for a 10 year old?

Anonymous said...

I love your story and you made it seem so real.
Is it real?

From Crighton

Anonymous said...

the story was very good i loved it

room11 said...

nice prediction. maybe war WILL kill the world.

sincerely Tebijan:)

Room11 said...

I love the story it is a good prediction but I hope it doesn't happen


Brooke said...

Dear Kirsty
Your story was so intriguing but I couldn't stop reading it!
Just saying but I hope your prediction doesn't become real, that would be a worry!

Jana said...

To Kirsty,
I think that this is a very gruesome way for the world to end.
How did you think of the story?

Anonymous said...

Dear Kirsty
Good story,but should have added to the ending.But over all it was an interesting story!
Your sis(Jacqui)

Grace said...

Wow Kirsty! That is a very interesting story! It was cool how you ended with it was you who caused the problem. What made you think of writing this?

Anonymous said...

thank you holly k

Cyber Kids said...

thank you holly m

Anonymous said...

no. It is not a true story

Anonymous said...

To Jana
I don't know how I thought of it.