Friday, September 16, 2011

The Arts Festival!

Hello everyone!
On September 29th and 21st our school's arts festival is on. Our school's arts festival comes up every 3 years. There is a enior arts festival on September 29th (year 3-6) and a junior arts festival September 21st (year 1 and 2). The difference about these arts festivals is  that the seniors do it in different groups but the juniors just do it in their classroom groups. The senior groups  are: art, extentsion art, photography, kapa haka, dance for year 3 and 4, dance for year 5 and 6 and creative dance. Extentsion art is where your teacher picks out people that are REALLY good at art and you do art with the vice principal.  Me, J.M, D.K and G.S got chosen. Me and D.K are the ONLY year 3's in the group. I can't wait for the arts festival!
By H.C

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