Monday, September 26, 2011

My Teeth

At my school we had a dentist.She checked out all my teeth, that are in my mouth! She was very kind but she hurt my mouth a lot because she said to me, ''Bite together'. 'So then I bit together and she pulled my lips. OUCH! What is your dentist like?


Lucy said...

That must have hurt!
Erlier on this week Clair from Child Smile came to look at our teeth and she painted them. My mum is a dental nurse and she works in MidYell, we go to MidYell every Thursday for P.E. at the same time as mum gets a break so mum sometimes comes to see us.

Mia said...

Its a shame you got hurt. My dentist is nice and he works in the town. He fixed my sore tooth! He says if I feel a little bit sore just wave at him.

Brydon said...

I bet it did hurt when she pulled your lips! My dentist is nice and I think the mirror fells funny in my mouth. I can't stand the light in my eyes. Can you stand the light?

Anonymous said...

She can't have hurt your mouth that much can she?
This week at our school our dentist came and painted our teeth! The painty stuff tastes kinda like bananas! All of our dentists are very nice too!
Next time you could maybe tell us a little bit more about what happened.
Fae Kay
Burravoe Primary School

Kerry said...

How sore was it?
We had our teeth painted this week.
There are lots of different dentists. My Mum is a dental nurse.

Kerry Burravoe Primary School

Honor said...

That is bad. My dentists don't hurt my mouth.I got My teeth painted on Tuesday.
Burravoe School

Bradley said...

My dentist is good. She paint my teeth. She sees if I have any teeth what is rede to cum out.

Burravoe School

Leah said...

Did you go to the dentist at school? I like your blog! :) from Leah Burravoe School

madi said...

Last time I went to the denteist the lady hurt my mouth.

zuntis said...

I agree with you when you say dentists hurt beacause of when the drill is in your mouth!

Anonymous said...


at our school it hurts to your not the only one=):)

Anonymous said...

my dentist is very nice, his name is jimmy

Anonymous said...

i go to the same dentist as adam and his name is jim not jimmy and that must of hurt