Monday, September 26, 2011

The Arts Festival

At my school - Oteha Valley, we are having an Arts Festival and I have 4 things in it because I am in the art extention with the Deputy Principal! Most people only have 2 pieces of art in the Arts Festival. One of my things that I did was a parrot. I made it by dabbing the paint brush on to a piece of paper to make a parrot shape and I did a 3D thing to it. I painted a piece of paper, let it dry and then cut it out, folded it and glued it onto the wing of the parrot.Everyone in our class created art for the festival too. These are our butterflies.

Butterfly Art - Paint and Ink on PhotoPeach


Lucy said...

WOW! That must have looked briliant! We have a show called the East Yell Show which we can enter our art work into I entered knitting, baking, art and flower arangements.

Melissa said...

I like the 3D it sounds good. Were is the arts festival at?.

Melissa Burravoe School

madi said...

Wow I love that fact that you made the parrot 3D

Mrs McGhie and room 16 said...

Melissa we have our Arts Festival in our school hall.


Shep45 said...

Hello, we are kids from Room 9 South Australia. We have been looking at your awesome butterfly art and we really like the orange ones the best. We think they stand out better. You are really creative people. The patterns on the butterflies look really cool. We are hoping we could do something like that later in the year. What was the hardest bit?
We would like you to visit our blog too. It is

Room 9

Harakeke Hub said...

Hi Cyber Kids!

It's Ruby and Luke here from Harakeke Hub. Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog.

Awesome art! It's very creative and pretty.

How did you make them? We want to make them in our class too.

How long have you been using Photo Peach for? We've just started using it and would like to get some more ideas on how to use it.

Hope to hear from you again!

Luke and Ruby from Harakeke Hub

Mrs McGhie and the Cyber Kids said...

Hi Ruby and Luke

Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog. The art work was created by Mrs McGhie's class last year. She told us that the children created the background and the creatures separately and then glued the creatures onto the background. The butterflies are paint and ink; the native birds are pastel and dye.
Mrs McGhie hasn't shown us how to use Photo Peach yet but she said she's used it with her classes before for a couple of years. She's going to show us how to use it soon.
Maybe we could brainstorm some ideas for using Photo Peach to share with each other - what do you think?
From the Cyber Kids

Anonymous said...

wow great