Tuesday, September 20, 2011


In our class we have been doing experiments like: making jelly and chunky chalk. With the chunky chalk we got to make our own chalk and take our chunky chalk home. The jelly we got to eat; I just shoveed it in my mouth and then washed my fingers. Then I had another piece I drank it insted but there was nothing left to eat. We did a different experiment called The Bouncing Egg. It broke so we (well some of the class)had to touch the skin.


Charlotte said...

I like your post about the experiments.Our school tried making chunky chalk. We like your idea about making chalk. Have you made anything else than chunkey chalk or jelly?
Charlotte Burravoe School

Mia said...

Hi! In after school club we made chunky chalk! the one I made was red :) What colours did you use? From Mia :) age 8 Burravoe School

Anonymous said...

wow that would be fun the jell was probably really yum
what flavour was the jelly?
how did you make the Bouncing egg ?
Laura M
RM 12
Raumati Beach School
raumati beach
New zealand

Science in a Van said...


Making stuff sounds fun. We would be interested to know how you make chunky chalk.

Keep blogging!

Emily & Alan