Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's Going On At Your School?

Hi do you like lego? Do you know what it is? Any way what are you learning about? I bet it's something cool. Do you like ninjas because I do. My  school is having an arts festival this week. I want to read what you want to say.  P.S. Do you have a library and Lego Ninjagos?


bradley said...

hi i like lego i build big towers and knock them down.

Lucy said...

Hi I like lego at our school we have big lego houses which some of us share.At our school we are learning about energy. Our library is in MidYell which is quite far away and I don't have lego ninjagos. Do you have lego at your house or is it at your school?

Anonymous said...

You have asked some REALLY good questions! We ahve lego at our school and everyone loves it! We are learing about energy at our school. We do have a libary in Mid Yell but we don't have lego Ninjagos. What is Lego Ninjagos? Do you have them at home or at school?
Burravoe Primary School

Melissa said...

The lego sounds good. We have a library at our school.
Burravoe School.

Leah said...

I got logo ninjoge from book club and I gotlego at school and homeas well do you have lots of lego I have made a big lego house and we hade a disco in it.
Burravoe School

Honor said...

Lego is cool. We have a lot of lego in our school. what art are you doing?
Burravoe School

Mia said...

Hi I do know what lego is and we have it at school! I have lego at my house. We go to library in Mid Yell. I don't have ningos! Do you have lego at your school if so do some of you share lego. From Mia :) Burravoe School