Friday, September 16, 2011

Our Wild Selves

Recently our class have been making our own wild selves and then we had to write a report about them.A wild self is a computer person except you can put animal features on it like a peacock tail or reindeer antlers etc. etc. My wild self is a Rein-rab-conda-ger-guin-fly-peacock and I named it Miss Wild.The computer makes the scientific name by taking bits of all the animals' names that you used to make your wild self. You can make your own wild self by googling make your own wild self.



Charlotte said...

Your person sounds really good. What website did you used?
From Charlotte your Quad blogger
Burravoe Primary School

Elliot RBS 12 said...

Hi Room 16!
That sounds really cool! My teacher might let us do it to.