Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Arts Festival

This year  my school  is having an arts festival. We have been doing lots of arts this month.We will be sharing our arts and showing them to our parents. Our school is proud of our arts. All of our art works are made from paper.The arts we made were these : butterflies, whirly stuff, shells,  poems and other sort of paper arts.We really like all of our arts.This is our best arts.Our junior kids are having their arts festival tomorow and  the senior kids are having their one on 29 of September. We will be having turns on acting and watching. In our arts festival we will be dancing, singing, silent dancing and doing arts. Our choir and dance are different kinds of  songs.We will all like our arts festival.
New Zealand Native Birds - Pastel and Dye on PhotoPeach


Ms Breyley said...

The arts festival sounds great, I hope you will blog about it next week so we can learn even more about it!
Please say thank you to everyone in your class for all the great comments they have posted on our blog this week :)

Bradley said...

the Art sounds fun.
Burravoe School

Mrs. Donna Lasher said...

Hello, Room 16 Cyber Kids, from San Antonio, Texas! Thanks for sharing about your arts festival. Our school is participating in a statewide contest called "Reflections." You can enter an original poem, song, photograph, artwork, etc. We are visiting blogs from around the world to make new friends and share our learning! Are you on holiday?

carolinebreyley said...

What beautiful pictures you have posted in your slide show - you must have worked hard to do them so well!
Ms Breyley
Burravoe Primary School

Anonymous said...

i love to draw although im not very good but they are amazing