Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cyber Saftey Tips

There are all types of danger online.So you need to know about the Do's and the Don'ts,Dangers,Cyber Bullying and your personal information.But since danger is a boring word I'm going to use online annoyances.

Okay now here comes the important stuff, the Do's and the Don'ts, The Do's are...You can get Hector the dolphin on windows,Always tell an adult if you get bullied by cyber,Think before you post and last Peolpe post rude things on the web so tell someone.The Don'ts are Don't freind peolpe you don't know,Don't go on things you have to lie your age ,Never put your email on auto-you could catch a virus,Don't be fooled by pop-ups and Don't give your personal detail on the web.

When you go online it's like going into the wild.So you need to beware of the Online Annoyanses. I'll tell you all the annoyances online,trojans,web catchers,viruses ,scams, spams, spy watchers,worms,malware and sometimes tracking cookies.

You need to know of cyber bullying .Cyber bullying ruins lives. Cyber bullying happens in and out of school/work.Bullying happens to adults too.So put on confidence and tell an adult that you trust.

To stay extra safe don't put your personal details onlinebecause once it's on there's no going back, once again beware .When you go on a game write a nickname like appletree 111.People sell your details to strangers online so don't put details online.

So there it is,be safe online and you will succeed the online world .Listen to those cyber tips and you"ll win.
Come on guys be cyber wise.

By Holly K.


Anonymous said...

Cool blog post! I've got a better idea of what to do and what not to do online. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi holly! Great blog post, but you forgot one of the annoyances: malware. On the whole, a great post and now I know how to be safe on the world wide web.


Anonymous said...

Hi Holly!
Cool blog post. I've got a good idea of what to and what not to do online. :)

Cyber Kids said...

To Holly
When people read this they will defiantly learn about cyber safety! Great Job!

Holly M

Cyber Kids said...

Thank you I WILL add malware and thanks Holly M and Anonymous!

From Holly K.