Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cyber Safety

For topic this term we are learning about cyber saftey.

Cyber saftey is a useful thing to know, here I am going to tell you useful information.

What not to do online.Don't share any personal information about yourself, your first name is all they need to know, and don't sign up for anything where you have to lie about your age, it'll have an age limit for a reason. Most things are 13 and over, part of it is because some websites have things that are just plain gross and kids shouldn't see.

What to do online, listen carefully this information will help you get through online life :) . You could get hector dolphin it might seem lam but it will come in handy, if you see something that is inappropriate online just click hector dolphin so he can cover it up and get a parent to get rid of it.

 Nasty things online. Viruses, scans, and pop ups. Before I start telling you about these I'm going to tell you what to be aware of:

Trojans- are things that look good to you but are bad.
Web Catcher-People who hack into your camera and see what you are doing.
Viruses-are things that mess up your computer
Scams-advertisements and ads that trick you into thinking you'll win something valuable, but you won't its a scam!
Pop ups, pop ups are basically like scams, they're ads that will say something that sounds like a massive deal to you, for example: Some will say things like you've won  1 million dollars click here to claim your reward.
Emails, 1 thing you should never do is set your email to automatic opening, if you do you might open up an email that leads to a virus.

Cyber Bullying is bullying through texts, emails and other online texting. You should always think before you post, what you post could easily hurt other peoples feelings. Its not just texts and emails that can embarrass or hurt peoples feelings it can be videos too. So just post positive not negative and if you do get cyber bullied or see a friend or family member getting cyber bullied too, tell an adult they can deal with . Adults can also be cyber bullied its not just kids.

                            By Kirsty


Brooke said...

Hi Kirsty
Thanks for the tips it really helps!

Cyber Kids said...

To Kirsty
Nice Work makes me want to be more aware online.
From Holly K.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Holly k!

Holly M said...

You did a great job Kirsty! It will defiantly teach people a thing or two.

Anonymous said...

Thank you

Kirsty said...

Thanks Brooke!

Jana said...

Thanks for all the info I'm pretty sure that I'll stay safe online.