Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Diary of Sophia-Grace

1st January 2000
Yay, it's the new millenium! I wonder what it's going to bring. I saw this really cool coat, it was amazing but the only bad thing was that I saw someone buy it. I was really devistated, but later that day I saw another coat the same as the one I saw before! It was sooo cool, lately I've been seeing more and more of the same clothes.

2nd January 2000
I bought the coat! The best thing was it was on special. I had never bought anything on special and it was $20 instead of $50! My mum said I was so lucky, the best thing was it looked amazing on me!
(I didn't mean to brag.)
By Janaof


Anonymous said...

To Jana
Cool Blogpost! Its a good idea for a story. What gave you the idea of writing about it?

Jana said...

To K.R.M,
Thank you, I got the idea from my writing book, I had been writing a diary similar to this and I tweaked it quite a lot to get to the blog post you just read!

Holly M said...

Dear Jana
That was a great story! It was very interesting!

Cyber Kids said...

it sounds very cool and interesting

Jana said...

To Holly M,
Thanks for leaving a wonderful comment

Jana said...

Thanks Cyber Kids