Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The white Mouse A.K.A Nancy Wake


Nancy Wake was on a runaway trip from NZ to France. From there Nancy met Henri her future husband.During her days in France, Nazis treated the Jewish people desrespectfully , Nancy wanted to change . Nazi tried to invade France in1940. Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazis Germans, wanted to control more. French fought to free their country.

Nancy set up a little hospital to help the injured secretly , with her husband. While she was helping , she had been collecting food, and was contacting Resistance groups by Radio.Radio was the only way to communicate with others.British Pilots helped the french escape France and land oin Spain( which was  not fighting). The Gestapo were closing in , Nancy had to leave France. Broken hearted she had to say a warm goodbye to her husband .Nancy decided to cross the mountains into Spain . After six attemps she finally made it into Spain .She was supposed to meet her husband , Nancy didn't see him again.

Nancy had contacted the Special Operations Excutive. The S.O.E made a decision to train Nancy as a secret agent . There she learnt survival skills, secret radio codes , and how to use weapons and explosives. During 1944, Allies were planning the D-Day. Nancy had went back to France to organise the resistance Fighters in central France.

On April night 1944, Nancy landed by parachute on central Frane. Once she landed she radioed for weapons ,explosives, and food to be parachuted down. Explosives were used to blow up rail-ways before the D-Day. Nancy and the groups radios and codes were destroyed . Nancy had decided to go to an agent in a village for new radios and codes. 71 hours later, she returned. Months later, Allies defeated Germany. Only there did she find out thather husband had died.

Nancy won 11 medals from the Queen andother countries. Nancy showed that no matter what challenge you have keep trying to over come your challenge. She inspired different people . (Nancy Wake lived heroically from 1912 to 2011).

Retold by Holly K.


Holly M said...

To Holly K
You did a great job on the retell of the White Mouse! You must have put a lot of effort into it!

Anonymous said...

To Holly K
Cool retell!

Cyber Kids said...

very nice

Holly K said...

To Cyber kids, Holly M & K.R.M

Thank you for commenting. We had to write a retell of the white mouse or a man who fought in the war.

From Holly K

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Hi my name is Angelina. Good job on the story by the way.

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