Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Science making slime and fake blood

Making slime was easy. First we put 1 cup of cornflour into the bucket and we put 1 teaspoon of food colouring and our group chose blue. Then we mixed half a cup of water together into the bucket and mixed it. It was perfect except it was a little bit hard, so we put more water which made it perfect. After we finished our slime the dye off the colouring didn't come off even if we did it in soap it came off but not the nail bits.



Making fake blood was a little difficult compared to the slime. The recipe was really hard to read so it turned out a bit runny, but the colour was perfect. The red dye (the food colouring for the blood) wouldn't think of coming off too like the blue food colouring. 


And that's why I went home with my skin turning into an avatar(or a smurf)......

By Dana


Anonymous said...

We like your post, the way you talked about the fake blood made it sound really funny.

What did your class learn by making blood and slime?
What did you do with the blood and slime after science class?
Do you have any photos, because we would love to see them.

Room 1 HNS

Anonymous said...

I find this piece of writing very good it was very descriptive and also very helpful too.You aslo use great words.Hope to hear more by genell

Joanna said...

Our group also put too much food colouring and I like the last sentence it was funny.

Cyber Kids said...

illya said...
I think your slime was a bit better than my groups because your one looks more realistic on the photo

Cyber Kids said...

your groups one was better then ours because it looked like real slime and blood.

Why did your groups one turn out better then ours?
by Francois

Anonymous said...

WOW Slime i have never made slime it looks so cool i really want to try it thats so awsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rm1 hns said...

WOW Slime I have never made slime it looks so cool I really want to try its so awsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rm1 hns said...

Hi Room 20,

That is such a wonderful science experiment you did!

Did your hands feel dirty from the slime and blood?
Did you feel like you were a vampire from the blood?

From sara

rm1 hns said...

hahaha you guys look like your having so much fun.

who came up with the idea of making
fake blood and slime?

from Carys

Anonymous said...

I think making slime and blood would be really fun! Wish i was there :(
By Edward

tebijan shreyaa from rm11 said...

Dear room 20
your fake blood and slime looked very convincing.It must of been interesting.

How long did it take for both the slime and blood in total?

rm1 hns said...

What did your class learn when you were making fake blood and slime was it fun?

Reid Walker said...

Wow so cool fake blood is so cool i really want to try it HA HA HA HA it looks like your having fun.

Q.what were the ingredients in the fake blood im wondering what they are.

ROOM11 said...

Thanks for telling as about slime and fake blood.And thankyou for telling us how to make slime.