Thursday, March 15, 2012

Christmas Thoughts

We have been learning to describe how we are feeling without telling the reader. Can you guess how i am feeling?

I told myself it was Christmas Day so I went out of my room and gave my mum a hug. I then... opened our Christmas presents. The first amazing present was for Tim and he got an iTunes card, iPod touch and iPod speakers. Afterwards my mum opened her surprising presents and she got a Microsoft and Windows card, iTunes card and a laptop. It was finally my turn to open my presents and I got an iPod touch, iPod speakers and a laptop. Afterwards Nic opened his presents and he got a fishing rod.
After we opened our presents we went to a friends house and we had Christmas lunch and opened presents there. One of my presents was a craft set, smiggle pencil case, a drink bottle and even a huge, cuddly soft toy. From my friend's friend I got a lip gloss and lip balm set.
After that I went to open my presents at my dad's house, and I got some books and board games. Last of all we all went to my grandad's house and opened some presents there and mine was a box of chocolates and a Farmers card.

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