Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Show Not Tell

I stepped into my room all I saw was with a big fat ugly troll sitting on the bed. I started screaming at her - it was my sister! I felt like a big monster with a volcano in my tummy. I ran down the stairs screaming, I was so upset because I had been cleaning my room for the whole afternoon. Would you like it if your brother or sister came in your room and messed it up? I bet not. Also, guess what! She did not even tidy it up! So I kept annoying Mum but she said she was too busy and Dad was at golf. So I was a troll and did to her room what she did to mine. Guess how I’m feeling?
By Nikita


Anonymous said...

troll is my favorite word! XD

Anonymous said...

are you feeling happy

Cyber Kids said...

Nathan said
Thats funny