Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Show Not Tell

I was freaking out, my heart was pumping fast. My whole body was sweating and I was shaking. Suddenly I ran and hid behind a chair then everyone started laughing. All around me I heard laughter - Ha ha ha ha ha HA!!!!!! My stomach felt like there were giants moving around inside. I couldn’t bear to face the crowd. Then suddenly the laughter vanished like thin air, because there was a girl on stage singing like a kea. Everyone there was so enchanted by her voice that she blushed red. Then she finished and everyone was quiet. Afterwards she went back behind the curtains and a joker came out of the curtains. After a while I knew why everyone was laughing at me, that was because I was I was supposed to be a joker – I’d done the wrong thing. I went out of my place where I was hiding after the other joker went back in the curtains. Then I started telling jokes and everyone started laughing again.
By Giane

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that is very good