Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Twilight Gala

On the 16 of March Oteha Valley School held their first Gala of Oteha Valley School History.
While I was home getting ready to go, the first thing I was thinking of was going on the SKOF slide. (I knew there was a slide because I saw it after school before I went home)

Finally at 4:25, I took my first step into the school. Everything was WAY better than I thought.
I stared at the slide. It was taller than I thought it was. When the clocks all struck 4:30 it all began. I ran to the slide with my friends. I reached deep in my pocket. I took out $3 from my pocket. The man gave me a token to show that he knows I can have another turn on the huge slide and a blanket so I don’t get burned on my skin. . (It is a blow up slide) I climbed up and took a deep breath. When I got to the top I got in my blanket like a sleeping bag. I looked down, it looked so steep. I slid down screaming, it was like a straight line, how fun it was! After my second turn I reached down in my pocket again for $2. This time I went with another friend. We held hands and stepped into the haunted house. It was so dark and scary. Vampires and monsters would pop out of walls and scare you. When we found the exit Mrs Mcghie asked us if we wanted to go out or go another way for people that are brave.(Mrs Mcghie was on the Haunted House Roster from 4:30 to 5:00) We went the brave way. When we got out it was already 5:00. We raced to the Kapa Haka room to get in our costume. (We missed some cool things while we changed)

Finally at 6:00 we hit the court to perform. I was in the front line, fourth to last on the right. The show was awesome. The last thing my friend and I did was buy a hamburger for dinner, buy candy floss, and get a signature from CJ and Dillon. (NZ Breakers Basketball team)It was cool we got their signatures.

It was nearly 7:30 and we had no coins or notes left plus most of the rides closed. I said bye to all my friends and went in my car with my family. I can't wait until the next Gala.

By J.C

I hope you enjoyed my description about the School Gala


Harakeke hub said...

Hi J.C

We loved your story about the twilight gala.It had really good descriptive words.We wish we were there.What is a skof slide?Can you send us a link to one?

daisy k said...

that looks good how its set out.

Anonymous said...

not set out prouply