Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Show Not Tell - Guess How I'm Feeling.

I was freaking out (in a good way). I stepped inside my room, because my parents said
’’Don’t go in there...’’
’’Why couldn’t I go in there my parents were frightening me Ohno!’’ I said to myself
That was what I heard them say or I just didn’t hear it properly. My heart was pumping faster than a cheetah running, faster than a person crying wait...that’s not even fast but you get the picture. I had an iPod!
OMG, I just could not believe that, I also had an alarm clock, radio, charger altogether. Then suddenly I heard footsteps
My sister said
’’Happy birthday big sis, I hope you enjoy your surprise gift.’’

By Manishka

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Cyber Kids said...

Your story was lovely and I really enjoyed it.
Actually it caught me attention at the first few sentences.
Great story from Manishka:]

By Manishka's Nana