Friday, March 16, 2012

Guess How I Am Feeling?

I`m in the house and I am all alone. Mum`s at the supermarket, Dad`s at work, and my brothers are at their friends house I can`t sit still when I`m watching TV. I start moaning and groaning and I`m getting stressed at all times. I can hardly eat my breakfast and all I do is stare out the window and throw baseballs at the wall.
The phone starts ringing and I pull out the plug and I get angry to sad. I run around in circles screaming at the top of my lungs. Then I bang my fist on the table, shaking everything. I yawn over and over again. I felt like a broken doll in a rubbish chute.
I sighed as I stared out the window imagining what I would have seen outside in the mist. Then I saw Mum, Dad, and my brothers outside in the street. I read a few books and watched TV. Finally they came in the house. I wondered what would happen next.

By Jueun

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