Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The School Gala

It was the school gala and everything there was awesome. There was a SKOF slide, a teacup ride and a pirate ship ride. There was also a haunted house which was extremely scary, laughing clowns, and mini Jeeps were there (little cars) and water walkers. Everything was so cool. I went on the teacups, haunted house twice and I went on the SKOF slide. There were some stalls as well. There were stalls that sell drinks, books, ethnic foods, burgers, cupcakes, cakes, donuts and lots more. My mum was a volunteer and she helped with the Pineapple Thai beef curry which is part of the ethnic foods.Some of my friends were there. Ye Xin was there, Kayla was there, Jueun was there.There were a lot of performances. The Performance.net was there and they did a dance. Cheerleaders were there and did a cheerleader cheer and our school kapahaka did kapahaka. The school gala was so much fun that is why I want another one.

By Ellie


Ellie Xu said...

Hi, I am Ellie the person who wrote this post. I really enjoyed going to the gala and I wish there was a gala everyday.

Anonymous said...

The school gala was a great day!